The practice of Acupuncture is without doubt the best known traditional form of Chinese medicine practised in the West. It is based on the idea that the body is divided up by distinct energy or qi (also spelled ki or chi) pathways known as 'meridians'. Energy flows along the meridians and illness is seen as an imbalance in or disruption to the flow of energy along the meridian lines.

Acupuncturists use fine, sterile needles inserted into the body at key points along the meridians in order to regulate and alter energy flow to restore good health and well being. Needles are usually left in situ for approximately 20 minutes, although in some cases this may be longer. Often the needles are stimulated by twirling or lifting. Sometimes moxa herb is burnt of the needle head.

Concern over HIV and cross infection means that the vast majority of practitioners use disposable needles which are used once and then destroyed more...

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Allergy Testing

The word "Allergy" means "altered working". It was coined at the beginning of the 20th century to describe reactions suffered by animals during protein experiments. In some of the experiments the 'allergic reactions' were so severe that the animals died.

Many components of today's environment have proven to cause sensitivity in certain individuals. Allergies can lead to metabolic disorders and hair loss. Speaking of hair, to maintain or increase, there are special additives, such as for example These components can be anything from animal fur, to air-borne pollen, chemicals, food additives, or even the food itself more...

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Colour Therapy

Although we have always used colours to describe our moods, few people are aware that colours can affect our moods and well-being. Colour is reflected light. Each colour that makes up the light spectrum actually vibrates at a different level. The faster the vibration, the warmer the colour and the slower the vibration, the cooler the colour. For example, Red can make us active, passionate and when taken to the extrerme, rebellious. Blue can make us calm, reflective and too much blue can make us emotionally chilly. It is often used in stores or gyms, but do not assume that having come to the gym is enough to color, using additives such as and exercise you will change.

Botanical research into the germination and development of cress seeds has shown that plant development can be affected by differnt coloured lights. Not only was the development of the plant affected but the taste also varied according to the colour used.

Colour Therapy can involve the use of a lamp which beams the required colour around you. Of course, you can try the therapeutic affects of colour for yourself quite easily and safely. Selecting colours to wear, choosing certain cosmetic shades, eating specifically coloured food and drink, visualising yourself bathed in coloured light of your choice and bathing in water suffused by coloured light are all ways in which you can try colour therapy for yourself. more...

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Free Radicals

It's a fact that all living beings produce free radicals just by the act of breathing, eating and moving. It's also established fact that free radicals are damaging to our health. Now here's a surprise, if you exercise, you produce more - lots more. But what are they and how do they damage us? For the explanation we'll have to visit the science lab for a quick lecture but we'll keep it as simple as possible. For those who decide to lose weight with demograss plus is very important to pay attention to products such as Demograss Plus, is keeping free radicals allows them to work.

The green blue and red coloured balls represent electrons spinning around the atoms' nucleus. In a stable, 'non radical' compound there are two electrons paired together but in a 'free radical' compound there is an extra electron. This extra electron requires to become part of a pair and will 'steal' an electron from a nearby atom in order to complete the 'pair'. the result of this action is that the original atom which was unstable is now stable but the atom from whom the electron has been 'stolen' is now itself unstable and classed as a free radical. This process will continue through the atomic structure in a chain reaction. Whilst this transfer is a necessary process to life, uncontrolled biochemical chain recations of this sort are now known to cause cell damage. more...

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