Colour Therapy

Although we have always used colours to describe our moods, few people are aware that colours can affect our moods and well-being. Colour is reflected light. Each colour that makes up the light spectrum actually vibrates at a different level. The faster the vibration, the warmer the colour and the slower the vibration, the cooler the colour. For example, Red can make us active, passionate and when taken to the extrerme, rebellious. Blue can make us calm, reflective and too much blue can make us emotionally chilly. It is often used in stores or gyms, but do not assume that having come to the gym is enough to color, using additives such as and exercise you will change.

Botanical research into the germination and development of cress seeds has shown that plant development can be affected by differnt coloured lights. Not only was the development of the plant affected but the taste also varied according to the colour used.

Colour Therapy can involve the use of a lamp which beams the required colour around you. Of course, you can try the therapeutic affects of colour for yourself quite easily and safely. Selecting colours to wear, choosing certain cosmetic shades, eating specifically coloured food and drink, visualising yourself bathed in coloured light of your choice and bathing in water suffused by coloured light are all ways in which you can try colour therapy for yourself.


Orange is an energising colour and a great life changer. People who live life to the full are attracted to orange. People who are depressed, lonely or lacking in motivation can benefit from having the vibrations of orange around them.


The colour of purity, honesty and loyalty. It is also noble, as in the concept of "Blue Blood". The Virgin Mary is portrayed as wearing a blue veil or robe, for this is the colour of serenity, perfection and protection.

Blue is a cooling colour and has a sedative effect, so it can help if you are easily flustered or frightened.


Green is the colour of self esteem and brings harmony and hope. Too much green can deprive us of the challenges and problems we need in order to evolve and thrive.


The colour associated with sunshine and sunny dispositions, but it is too strong for those suffering emotional distress. Yellow can lift our spirits, cheer the sick and help activate our digestion.


Vital, creative and fizzing with energy. Red arousess passion and anger. People who are attracted by red like to be out in front where they can get recognition by others. They react quickly to the people around them and may be rather overemotional.

Wear red if you are low on energy or feel cold. You can even feel warmer simply by visualising this fiery colour.


Black is not strictly a colour, but a non-reflective pigment which gives depth and power to the colours. Often associated with death and mourning.

Even though black can be very dramatic, very few personalities are strong enough to combat its negative effects.


A mixture of white and black, grey has a negative aura. It is the colour of self-denial, of self-matyrdom and of repression. Adding a little pink tone to it will immediately make its effect more bearable.


A profound and mysterious colour. It eliminates fear and timidity and helps give us a natural authority and inner calmness.


Brown is the earth colour. Associated with stability, but also with a tendency to be backward looking and uninspired.


At the end of our normally visible spectrum, violet is immensely powerful and may be too strong for many people. It is associated with creativity. If you cannot channel the creativity it brings, you may feel very ill through its power.