The Alexander Technique

Developed by F.M. Alexander in the 19th century as a result of his efforts to solve his own vocal problems which had interfered with his desire to become an actor. He developed hoarseness when performing and realised that this was caused as the result of something he was doing. Doctors and voice specialists were consulted and were unable to help. He decided that he would solve his own problems and embarked upon a journey which, not only solved his vocal problem but led to a general improvement in his health.

The underlying premise of the technique is that the way we use our bodies affects our performance, appearance and health. The Alexander Technique is a series of individual lessons in which we learn a more 'body-friendly' approach to life. Good use of our body's means co-operating with our body's natural design and functioning nd allowing its subtle 'automatic' reflexes to give us the proper support in sitting, standing and moving. Over the years, many of us learn unconscious harmful habits which interfere with this natural co-ordination and the aim of the Alexander Technique is to recognise and release this interference so as to restore natural poise.

Not difficult to learn, the technique can be taught in about 20 or so individual lessons.

Practitioners and Training Course information

The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique maintains an excellent web site for those seeking further information, qualified practitioners or training courses.