Best GarageBand Alternatives for PC Windows [Paid and Free]

By | March 15, 2017

Best GarageBand Alternatives for PC Windows [Paid and Free] – If you are a music enthusiast, then I am sure you must have heard about the software ‘GarageBand’ that is exclusively available for the Mac users. The features of ‘GarageBand’ are so impressive that everyone wants to use it. However, this is not possible therefore today we have come up with the topic, “Best GarageBand Alternatives for PC Windows [Paid and Free]”

Best GarageBand Alternatives for PC Windows [Paid and Free]

Top 5 GarageBand Alternatives for PC Windows [Paid and Free]

#1: FL Studio

Used by popular artists like DeadMau5 and Afrojack, FL Studio has established itself as one of the best music software. You will be surprised to know that features of FL Studio like excellent stability and MIDI-out compatibility even beats the GarageBand. But this won’t come at free of cost; you need to pay a price of $99 to enjoy the benefits of FL Studio.

#2: LMMS

If you are a beginner who is trying the hand in the world of music and therefor don’t want to waste money on expensive music software, then LMMS is here to rescue you. For beginner artists, LMMS is the best GarageBand for PC Windows Alternatives available for free. The tagline of the software is ‘made by musicians, for musicians’. The features of LBBS include the ability to compose music on Windows, the multitasking of automating songs, composing, sequencing and mixing it, note playback support via MIDI and typing keyboard. It also allows the user to consolidate the tracks of instruments with the help of beat and bassline editor. It also has impressive effects mixing and a wide range of musical instrument available.

#3: Reaper

An easy user interface makes Reaper the best GarageBand for Windows PC alternatives. If you want to keep your spirits high, then you should surely go for Reaper. You can enjoy the 60-day trial period of Reaper and then decide whether you want it or not. And even if the trial period gets over, you can use it, the only thing that you need to ignore is the constant pop-up reminder that will ask you to buy Reaper. Doesn’t this make Reaper cheap? Well, it does, but the experience that you will gain while using Reaper isn’t cheap. You can imagine the level of the software when I say that the creators of Reaper have also made 300 plugins that enable the users to customize this music software according to their will! The paid version of Reaper will cost you $60.

#4: Soundation

If you have already seen the GarageBand software, then chances are there that you will familiar with the look of Soundation as it looks like a kind of replica of GarageBand. The best thing about Soundation is that you don’t even need to download it, you can use it online! The paid version of Soundation ranges from $19.99/year to $9/year. The functions of Soundation is very similar to that of GarageBand.

#5: trakAx PC

trakAx PC is an okay kind of software for the musicians. The interface of trakAx PC is very simple. It allows its user to edit both audio and video, as it is performing a dual function, chances are there that you might see that trakAx PC lacks a bit in the audio section. The premium version of trakAx PC will cost you $34.99. But before buying the premium version, please check trakAx PC can fulfill all your needs or not.

This was the list of our ‘Best GarageBand Alternatives for PC Windows [Paid and Free]’. Try the trial version and choose what according to you is best for you. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience with the alternative music software of GarageBand. It would be great if you share this post with a musician friend of yours!

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