GarageBand for Android Alternatives (Best Similar Apps) in 2017 [Updated]

By | January 5, 2017

GarageBand for Android Alternatives (Best Similar Apps) in 2017 [Updated] – Garageband has been an amazing sound box when it comes to creating and compose your music. It is one of the best apps that had certainly been popular among the youth within no time. It gives so many features that one would not resist using such an amazing app. However, issues must come up regarding the compatibility, but here in this article, we will provide you some amazing Android alternative apps so that you can avail the features on your Android smartphone too.

Though these apps cannot compete with Garageband they are surely better and even compatible with the Android smartphone that you have. Have a look at the GarageBand for Android Alternatives

GarageBand has been the pioneer of all the music making applications and if is obviously free of cost. Garageband, however, is only available for the iPhone, therefore, one can go with the GarageBand alternative applications to download themselves a sound box to create and customize their music and make something new and creative.

The downloading link for every app is given in the starting of each section.

Music Maker Jam

  • Click here
  • Create music by combining loops
  • Get over more than 100 music styles and even 8 channels to mix and go for variations in music styles.
  • Get along with your creative skills and give the best shots.
  • You can also record your voice and add music to it.
  • This is like your personal music box that will help you to establish yourself with the finest tunes you wish to work with.
  • Share your creative skills with the other users and show them your talent.

PocketBand Social DAW

  • Click (here) to download the app.
  • This is a great combination of an app and also provides you the online service to share your music with the other musicians around the globe.
  • All in all this app can also be the key to your success.
  • It comes with more than 10 channel mixers and additional parametric equalizers.
  • You can also set the music and the volume of your track and get along by recording your voice.
  • You can like, comment and share your music and get the latest feedbacks for the best.

EasyBand Lite (Pro version is also available)

  • Click (here) to download the app
  • You can easily create the music and enjoy using the linear music to come on with the process.
  • With an easy drag and drop of the chords, you can adjust the equalizers and generate a full band working with the chords.
  • Edit the chords, set them to minor and major.
  • Set your time limits. You can set the song to be played for a longer or a shorter span. And use different styles of the band for your music.
  • You can choose the lite versions that will give you to choose different band styles and get the cherry, rock it and piano singer styles versions.


  • Click (here) to download the app
  • The app is almost similar to the Garageband, and you can easily enjoy making music on this Android version of the Garageband app.
  • You can easily set the instrumental music for the unique settings of the music.
  • You can go along and also play the diet piano and set the phone to the landscape mode to get easily featured programming for the music.

If you are Garageband user, then you will love all the above-given apps. The download link is placed in every app you can easily download the app from there. Enjoy creating your music.

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