How to setup a MIDI Controller on GarageBand

By | December 29, 2016

How to setup a MIDI Controller on GarageBand – You perhaps already know what a wonderful software GarageBand is all the professional and aspiring musicians. Today, in the post I will tell you how you can set up a MIDI Controller on GarageBand. Let us start to understand the setup process right away.

GarageBand has inbuilt software instrument which is capable of converting your Mac into a music synthesizer. When you connect your musical keyboards to Mac, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) transmit those keys to your Mac. A few years ago, we had five-pin MIDI connector which also required a MIDI interface to transfer those keys to your Mac but now with the change in technology, this is not the case. Things have been simplified now. Most of the keyboards that you now see already have a USB connector and thus, the setup process has become easy. Just follow these two steps to start using MIDI Controller on GarageBand.

How to setup a MIDI Controller on GarageBand

Step 1: Connect your keyboard to your Mac using a USB Cable.

Step 2: Switch on your keyboard.

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That’s it. You don’t need to get into the complicated process of installing drivers to complete the setup because GarageBand will automatically recognize when a keyboard is connected to your Mac device. If by any chance, you are using a MIDI Controller that doesn’t have a USB Port, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Shut down the Mac device and also switch off your keyboard.

Step 2: Plug in an end if the MIDI cable into the MIDI port of the keyboard which is present in the back edge of the device. Please carefully align the five pins of the plug with the five holes present in the port.

Step 3: Now connect the MIDI Socket to the MIDI cable which is attached to the keyboard.

Step 4: Insert the free USB Plug into any unused USB port present in the Mac.

You are done here. You now know how to connect both the types of the MIDI Controller to the Mac. Once, you are done making the connection follow the steps given below.

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Step 3: Launch GarageBand.

Step 4: Go to ‘Project Chooser Window’ -> ‘Keyboard Collection’-> Click ‘Choose’.

Now a list of keyboard instruments will appear in the track headers after the GarageBand is opened. The keyboard instrument selected by default is ‘Steinway Grand Piano’.

Now try playing on your MIDI Controller, you must hear the sound of the instrument you are playing. If you don’t hear it, try doing this: Choose ‘Preferences’ in GarageBand and then go ‘Audio/MIDI’. Look at the entry of MIDI status. At least one MIDI input should appear in the entry list. If you are unable to see any MIDI Input, click on the button of ‘Reset MIDI Driver’.

Also, don’t forget to check the volume level on your Mac. Now, that you have successfully setup MIDI Controller in GarageBand, you can start playing on your keyboard. If you wish to try to choose some other keyboard sound, you can choose from the list of instruments which is visible in GarageBand. You can also start to record the music that you are playing by click on the red button of Record present in GarageBand.

You can also check whether your MIDI Controller is working properly or not by playing a few notes on your keyboard. You should be able to see the meters present in the track responding and apart from that, you would be able to hear the instrument being played through the headphone and speaker. If you are seeing or hearing nothing, then chances are there that GarageBand has not recognized your MIDI Controller. If this is the case, try to troubleshoot your problem by checking whether the MIDI Controller is properly connected to the Mac device or not and restart your Mac Device.

If you are still facing any problem while following the setup process, feel free to drop your doubts. Share the post with your friends who are also looking a way to do a setup of MIDI Controller with Mac. Tell us about your experience of playing your MIDI Controller. Do you now feel like a real musician now? I am sure you do, give your music wings to fly!

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